TREE HUGGER® Tree Brace™ is a revolutionary patented labor and time saving tree support system for staking trees. Using TREE HUGGER® Tree Brace™ eliminates the need for staking trees the old conventional way. To batten and stake a tree is a consuming process involving man time and many different tools. The TREE HUGGER® Tree Brace™ has reduced considerably the man time and eliminates almost all the tools necessary including specialized tools. Our TREE HUGGER® Tree Brace™ technology and molding process now allows for a tree to be supported much easier, and simpler than ever. The tree support systems are manufactured from high density plastics that allow for each tree support to be taken off and used repeatedly. The Tree Hugger® Tree Brace™ is a green, sturdy and re-usable product. Installations can also use a composite type support member into the tree brace tree support creating a complete eco friendly install, by doing this you are basically supporting a tree without killing one to support another. The tree brace tree supports are designed to limit the movement of the tree, stabilizes the roots or root ball so the tree roots can develop into the surrounding soil and support themselves. Another very important reason for staking newly planted trees is not only the essential for the stability of the tree but also to ensure that water pockets do not form inside the root ball which is one of the primary causes of failure for newly planted trees. Therefore Tree Hugger® tree supports will help dramatically ensuring less failure. The Tree Hugger® tree support systems are and easy installation especially for newly planted trees, top heavy trees or palm trees in areas suffering from high winds or that are prone to hurricanes. Some of the biggest problems supporting trees the old conventional way is making sure you don’t drive a nail into the wood through the tree. Using the tree brace tree supports no nails are required making the installation fast, safe and precise on every installation

TREE HUGGER® Tree Brace™ patented tree support systems is getting architectural recognition globally within the landscape communities. So, if your next project is with the Department of Transportation, Schools, Parks, Corporate Campuses or anywhere a newly planted tree needs to be supported correctly our tree supports are the prefect install for you.

Tree Hugger® Tree Brace™ Support

  1. Easy to Install
  2. Saves Time
  3. Re-Usable
  4. No Hammer and Nails
  5. No Specialty Banding tools

Conventional Tree Bracing Method

  1. Multiple installers to support
  2. Labor intensive
  3. Requires hammer and nails
  4. Specialty expensive banding tool required

Top Reasons why

1) Simple Installation

TREE HUGGER® tree supports are designed so that just about anyone can install the product effectively eliminating the need for skilled labor.

2) Time Efficiency 

Staking of a tree normally takes anywhere from 12 to 20 minutes and sometimes up to two installers.

With the TREE HUGGER® tree supports the time is reduced in some scenarios less than 5 minutes and never requires more than one installer.

3) Cost of the Product

Since it’s not necessary to have specialty tools and or specialty equipment the cost of staking each tree is reduced significantly.

4) Strength and Safety.

TREE HUGGER® Tree Brace™ eliminates improper angles and improper workmanship to ensure stability.

5) Re-usable

TREE HUGGER® Tree Brace™ tree supports are molded from polypropylene and is designed to be used repeatedly.

So whether your project is planting one tree or you have an entire community of trees, TREE HUGGER® Tree Brace™ tree support will make your installation faster and easier with the safety and strength every installation needs.

Let us know if you have any other questions regarding our TREE HUGGER® Tree Brace™ tree supports. Our staff is available to assist you with your next project(s).