10/25/2018 Launches US Website

TREE HUGGER® Solutions, LLC Launches website, to fill the demand of their new TREE HUGGER® Tree Brace™revolutionary patented tree staking system.  The company has its corporate offices in South Florida with manufacturing facilities in the USA. The partners are very excited to launch this patented tree staking system that will serve a purpose to all planted trees globally.

8/20/2019 Total Landscape Care Magazine

Tree Hugger introduces reusable tree staking system

Tree Hugger’s Tree Brace system has come to market after a long-term R&D program.

Photo: Tree Hugger

It can be supported with an easy-to-use molded system that can be used repeatedly. The Tree Brace is engineered to eliminate improver angles and provide optimal tree stability.

“Generally speaking, staking of a tree can take anywhere from 12 to 20 minutes,” says Lloyd Gerber, president of Tree Hugger. “And sometimes, two installers are needed. Our new Tree Brace system can be installed in as little as five minutes and, generally, requires only one installer.”

The staking system is made with molded polypropylene formulated to endure harsh weather. No special tools are needed to stake the tree.

“We currently offer a fixed tree staking kit and an adjustable staking kit,” says Farrell Gerber, executive vice president of sales. “Both consist of Tree Brace molded polypropylene support holders, stainless steel bands with quick-engage clamps. Whichever kit is used, the installation process always is quick, easy and seamless.”

The Tree Brace system is for sale through industry distributors. Click here to find out more about the product and a local distributor.